Patching ESXi 4.1 to Update 1 via the VCLI in Linux

Brobee In early February VMware release the first update to ESXi 4.1. ESXi 4.1 Update 1 includes additonal drivers, and OS support for RHEL 6 (among others). Also there are a number of bug fixes delivered like random failures on bnx2x nic (yikes). See the entire list below.

Patching ESXi via the VCLI is pretty simple. Below are the steps that i tool to update.

  1. Download the Patch here
  2. Make sure that your host is in maintenance mode using the following command (vicfg-hostops –server esx30.atlnp1 -operation info)
  3. Install Patch (vihostupdate –server <hostname> –install –bundle
  4. Wait a bit
  5. Reboot

You can verify that the patch installed correctly with the command below

vihostupdate –server <hostname> –query

Look for the line below…

ESXi410-Update01            2011-03-23T18:09:05 VMware ESXi 4.1 Complete Update 1 


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