Veritas Enterprise Administrator Not Displaying Objects/Agents

Symantec_veritas_storage_foundation_052009Its been a while since I have done much with Veritas Storage Foundation, so I was at a bit of a loss after firing up the VEA gui on a fresh install on Centos 5.4, and not seeing any of the agents that I was used to seeing. A quick check on the command line showed that the Storage Agent was in fact running. A vxdisk list displayed my disks without issue, but the GUI was blank except for the server name.

A quick google search lead me to this Symantec KB article…

While this article was helpful it did not solve my issues as I mentioned above, my storage agent was in fact running without issue. However I was able to verify similar errors in my vxsis.log

Thu Mar 27 12:40:03 2008:3342:get_objects_by_type: Error in GetObjects : 0xc1000039
Thu Mar 27 12:40:03 2008:3342:database::HandleILCacheRequest:Error in get_objects_by_type() : 0xc1000039
Thu Mar 27 12:40:03 2008:3342:rpc_object_fetch: Could not fetch objects

So I started searching on the errors above, and ran into this post on the Symatec Forum, where one of the posters sugguest that the /etc/host file might be the culprit.

Sure enough a quick check of my ./etc/hosts revealed that my servers ip and FQDN were not present. I corrected and then followed the steps below.

First I stopped VEA Service

> /opt/VRTS/bin/vxsvcctrl stop    

Then I reconfigured Veritas


I restarted my VEA GUI and reconnected and found all was as it should be.