Deploying Red Hat OpenStack 10 via the Tripleo UI


In this lab, we are going to deploy a functional, yet simple, Overcloud via the Tripleo WebUI using Virtual Machines. Our test deployment will consist of three Overcloud Controller Nodes (configured with HA) and one Overcloud Compute Node.

Hypervisor Details

Interface IP Address Interface IP Address Interface IP Address

Undercloud VM Details

Interface IP Address Interface IP Address


Note that we have installed squid on our hypervisor node and are using that node to proxy all web traffic to the undercloud controller. This also requires configuring your web browser to use the hypervisor as its proxy.

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Getting Started with Red Hat OpenStack director


Previously,  I wrote a short blog post on OpenStack director, the new Red Hat installer for Openstack 7 (kilo). That post can be found here, and includes a short video introduction and demo of the new installer – RHEL OSP director.

OpenStack director introduces the concepts of an undercloud and an overcloud. These concepts derived from TripleO, AKA, OpenStack on OpenStack. It’s a bit tricky at first viewing, but once you have worked through an install or two, it makes much more sense.

That being said… In this post, I am going to provide a few helpful links that can be used to help you get started with installing OpenStack director and your OpenStack overcloud.

First, below is the link to the official installation documentation. I have been following along with this guide, in addition to my internal notes, and have found the official documentation to be very useful.

Red Hat OpenStack Director Installation Guide

In addition to the link above, I am including the link below which directs you to the download page of the images used to build your overcloud. You are going to need these to get started, as the above guide will tell you. I figured I would provide that link as well to help move the process along. Download all three tar files.


Overcloud Image Download

Enjoy !!

PS. Note that there are some users experiencing issues with the 7.2 images. See link below.

As of today 7.3 (2/18/2016) 7.3 images are available via the link download link above.