RHEL6: Using Advanced Log File Filtering in Rsyslog

100-8591So by default when you forward logs to a syslog/rsyslog server all the logs end up in the same file (ususally configured to go to the messages file). Sometimes one may prefer to forward logs from a particular server to a separate logfile. I know for a fact that my sometimes friends in our info-sec group prefers this setup.

While managing such a setup for more than a handful of hosts would probably be a nightmare, its not actaually hard to setup on the most basic level.

First create a custom filters.conf (or whatever you want to name it) in your /etc/rsyslog.d directory. Below is the file that I created.

[root@ip-172-31-21-28 rsyslog.d]# cat filters.conf
:fromhost, isequal, "ip-172-31-25-104.ec2.internal" /var/log/ip-172-31-25-104.ec2.internal/messages
:fromhost, isequal, "ip-172-31-25-104.ec2.internal" ~

Note that you will need to include two lines in your file for each host, one with the specific file/location that you want to send your filtered log messages, and a second line that directs rsyslog to discard any messages from the specified hosts once they have been logged to the specified locations. This keeps these messages from ending up in the messages file as well as the file defined in your filter file.


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