Vmware CapacityIQ Unregister a Vcenter Server via the CLI

Vmware-logoOk two in a row, now thats strange. Anyway.. I was working on a rebuild and re-ip of my Vcenter Server as I was in the process of changing over to the Vcenter appliance, when i realized that I was going to have to lay hands on a lot of tools and change them to point/connect to my new Vcenter Server instance. Anyway. I started of with VCOPS, and I was surprisingly sucessful. So I figured I would move on to Capacity IQ.

Again, being the Linux guy that I am, I hit up the cli and stated fiddling around. I stumbled across the ciq-admin command and was able to find the following

[ciqadmin@ciq ~]$ ciq-admin register status
vCenter Server Registration Status = Registered
vCenter Server address             = https://vc00.lab.localdomain/sdk
vCenter Server user                = LAB\user


Hey ok, that looks good so far. Lets see if we can unregister.

[ciqadmin@ciq ~]$ ciq-admin unregister
Connection to VC failed. Disconnected CIQ, but could not remove CIQ extension from VC.


Well crap, you will never be able to connect to my original Vcenter Server… it's dead and its not coming back. Luckily it appears that we can force the registration of a new Vcenter Server

[ciqadmin@ciq ~]$ ciq-admin  register –vc-server vc01.lab.localdomain –force  –user root –password mypasswd
Stopping CIQ :                                             [  OK  ]
Starting CIQ :                                             [  OK  ]
ciq-watchdog is now enabled


Now head back on over and get a gander at the webUI. Still shows the old Vcenter Server? Just logout and log back in again and life should be good.


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