How to Check Mulitpathing in Veritias Volume Manager

Multipass-01Today while working in the Datacenter,  I accidentally destroyed a fibre cable running to one of our database servers. All the databases went poof and the DBAs freaked out. After I reminded them that this was a non-production database I went about running a new fibre cable.

Being that this box was dual pathed back to the SAN, the server should have had additional paths back to its disks and the databases should have keep running along just fine. However,  as luck would have it, the secondary path was down at the time I destroyed the primary.

Anyway after reseating the secondary fibre and running a new primary cable I was able to verify that I had multiple connections back to the disks with the following commands.

# vxdmpadm getdmpnode dmpnodename=3pardata0_4641

3pardata0_4641       ENABLED      3PARDATA     4      4     0     3pardata0

Where 3pardata0_4641 is the disk name and PATHS is obviously the number of paths back to the SAN disk.

Even better yet you can check DMP (dynamic multipath status) for all disks with the command below.

vxdmpadm getdmpnode