Sun 5220 Console and ILOM How To


As far as I know this documentation is specific to Sun T5150s and Sun T5250s. However some of the information below may also pertain to other Sun systems running ILOM.

ILOM Commands

To power on the host, type:

start /SYS

To power off the host, type:

stop /SYS

To reset the host, type:

reset /SYS

How to set the system not to auto boot the OS


-> set /HOST/bootmode script=”setenv auto-boot? false”

Press Enter and then type:

-> reset /SYS

Accessing the Console from ILOM

start /SP/console

Configuring a Static IP Address Using CLI and Ethernet

Log in to the ILOM using Secure Shell (SSH) over the network, or
by connecting a terminal to the serial port. To establish a Secure Shell (SSH)
connection to the CLI, type the appropriate connection command in the
SSH application. For example, to connect to the ILOM with an IP address
of, type the following command:

# ssh -l root

Type the following command to set the working directory.

cd /SP/network

Type the following commands to specify a static Ethernet

Note – The following values are samples only. You must specify the IP
address, netmask, and gateway appropriate for your ILOM and network

set pendingipaddress=
set pendingipnetmask=
set pendingipgateway=
set pendingipdiscovery=static
set commitpending=true