RHEV: Remotely Connect to Hosted Engine Console via VNC



Honestly, this one is not hard to figure out, as it’s documented in multiple places. However, I have found that the documentation varies greatly depending if you are using RHEV or Ovirt, and the version of each that you are using seems to matter as well. At least, that has been my experience trying to figure out how to get this working.

So I figured I would document it here so that I would not have to try to remember which google result worked for me.

Note that this example is on RHEV 3.6.1.

First, you need to connect to the RHEV-h machine that is hosting the HostedEngine. Then you need to set a console password. See example below.

Note: This is a one-time password, and must be set each time you want to connect to the console.

# hosted-engine –add-console-password
Enter password:
code = 0
message = ‘Done’

Now via your remote machine (mine is Linux). Run the following command. Replace the IP address below with the IP or hostname of your RHEV-H host.

$ remote-viewer vnc://

If everything is successful, you should get a pop-up window similar to what is shown below.


Note, I have run into several issues in the past getting this to work. Not sure why, but if I run into any, I will document them here.



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