Ceph: Show Placement Group Totals by OSD


Note that I did not write this scriptlet this nor do I claim to have written this scriptlet. However, I did want to make sure that I did not lose the link to such a very handy command.

The original can be found here, plus the original article has links to several more useful Urls, so feel free to check it out.


Anyway, now that we got out of the way, here is the script.

[code language=”css”]
ceph pg dump | awk ‘
/^pg_stat/ { col=1; while($col!="up") {col++}; col++ }
/^[0-9a-f]+\.[0-9a-f]+/ { match($0,/^[0-9a-f]+/); pool=substr($0, RSTART, RLENGTH); poollist[pool]=0;
up=$col; i=0; RSTART=0; RLENGTH=0; delete osds; while(match(up,/[0-9]+/)>0) { osds[++i]=substr(up,RSTART,RLENGTH); up = substr(up, RSTART+RLENGTH) }
for(i in osds) {array[osds[i],pool]++; osdlist[osds[i]];}
printf("pool :\t"); for (i in poollist) printf("%s\t",i); printf("| SUM \n");
for (i in poollist) printf("——–"); printf("—————-\n");
for (i in osdlist) { printf("osd.%i\t", i); sum=0;
for (j in poollist) { printf("%i\t", array[i,j]); sum+=array[i,j]; poollist[j]+=array[i,j] }; printf("| %i\n",sum) }
for (i in poollist) printf("——–"); printf("—————-\n");
printf("SUM :\t"); for (i in poollist) printf("%s\t",poollist[i]); printf("|\n");

This gives you a nice output as shown below.


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