Ceph: Cluster Updates Are Stale. The Cluster isn’t updating Calamari. Please contact Administrator


There are probably many different issues that can cause this error in the Calamari WebUI. However this fixed worked for me. Note that this was post install and OSD deployment…  I did not have a working cluster at this point.

First ssh into your Admin node, in this case my admin and monitor node are on in the same.

Then run the command below.

root@mon01 calamari]# calamari-ctl clear
[WARNING] This will remove all stored Calamari monitoring status and history.  Use ‘–yes-i-am-sure’ to proceed
OK, now run the command above again with the “–yes-i-am-sure‘ option.
[root@mon01 calamari]# calamari-ctl clear –yes-i-am-sure
[INFO] Loading configuration..
[INFO] Dropping tables
[INFO] Complete.  Now run `calamari-ctl initialize`
Now reinitialize Calamari.
[root@mon01 calamari]# calamari-ctl initialize
[INFO] Loading configuration..
[INFO] Starting/enabling salt…
[INFO] Starting/enabling postgres…
[INFO] Initializing database…
[INFO] Initializing web interface…
[INFO] Starting/enabling services…
[INFO] Restarting services…
[INFO] Complete.

Refresh the Calamari WebUI and the error should be gone, or at least it was for me.

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