How to Remove Deactivated or Invalid Nodes from Puppet Enterprise via the CLI


Apparently just deleting a Puppet node from the Puppet Enterprise Console does not actually delete the node from the Puppet database, and free up a licenses… or at least in my case it did not. I ran into this issue tonight after removing a few of my test boxes in preparation of building a new node that I wanted to ensure was properly managed via Puppet.

As many of you know when running the free version of Puppet Enterprise you are limited to 10 managed nodes. In my Lab I am actually running only 7 nodes, however over the past few months, I have build several test VMs as part of testing my Centos 6 kickstart and Puppet bootstrap scripts. However even after deleting these nodes manually from the WebUI I noticed that I was not freeing up any licenses.

Below is the process that I had to run to manually remove nodes from my PuppetDB. First lets list all managed VMs and look for nodes that we know do not exist any more.

[root@puppet puppet]# puppet cert list -all

+ “batman.localdomain” (SHA256) 4C:76:04:38:CE:D3:4A:E0:C9:2A:C8:E6:BB:4A:92:0C:6B:39:D9:4B:7C:E4:D1:9D:0F:E2:06:FD:97:CC:72:AF
+ “robin.localdomain” (SHA256) A9:08:E8:09:B6:68:65:81:92:FC:82:93:DB:83:82:D9:A5:A2:EB:6D:DD:6E:C5:F0:45:55:A5:39:47:DB:A1:27

In the example above, I found two test VMs… Batman and Robin, which I know are no longer valid, so lets remove them and free up a couple of licenses.

[root@puppet puppet]# puppet node deactivate robin.localdomain
Submitted ‘deactivate node’ for robin.localdomain with UUID 54267132-1c23-4cf7-96f4-d6f3ff13a684

[root@puppet puppet]# puppet node deactivate batman.localdomain
Submitted ‘deactivate node’ for batman.localdomain with UUID 160d9f7c-734c-4830-8faa-23f331218b90

Once you have set the node to deactivate, lets clean out the certs.. rinse and repeat for each node to delete.

[root@puppet puppet]# puppet node clean batman.localdomain
Notice: Revoked certificate with serial 17
Notice: Removing file Puppet::SSL::Certificate batman.localdomain at ‘/etc/puppetlabs/puppet/ssl/ca/signed/batman.localdomain.pem’

Now when we return to the WebUI we should have two free licenses and can add new managed nodes without issue. Note that according to puppet themselves “that in some cases, the PE license count in the console will not decrease for up to 24 hours, but you can restart the pe-memcached service to update the license count sooner”

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