Enabling Remote Command Execution in Redhat Satellite

9i4b57pkTAs many of you know, a very useful feature of Redhat Satellite is the ability to execute remote commands on a set of servers. You pick a set of servers and plug in your command and schedule the job. Most of the time these remote commands run just fine, however they can error out if the server is not configured to allow remote command execution. Let’s discuss how to fix this.

If remote command execution is not allowed, you will probably see an error similar to those shown below,

Local permission not set for action type script.run


Invalid function call attempted

Note that these two error messages usually mean the same thing. You need to enable remote command execution on the remote server.

First off you need to make sure that the command rhn-actions-control is installed. If it is not then we first figure out which rpm provides the command. You can do so with the command below

# yum whatprovides */rhn-actions-control

Now that we know what to install, lets install it.

# yum -y install rhncfg-actions

Now we enable remote command execution

# rhn-actions-control –enable-all

Now you should be able to reschedule your job against the server via the webUI.

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