Using Yum Update to Apply Security Patches Only

Hamburglar-headerSo I recently moved to a new job where we are running full blown enterprise Redhat Linux. RHEL 6 to be exact. Being a big Redhat fan, and Certified Redhat Engineer I was pretty excited to play with the real thing and kick CentOS to the curb for a while. I was not dissapointed as my first couple of weeks on the job turned into a crash course in Satellite Server and the Redhat Linux Life Cycle.

Specifically I needed to figure out how to fix a couple of security vulnerabilites in 6.3 which patches that were only part of 6.4, and could not be found in the official RHEL 6.3 repos. Side note however, I was not allowed to update the server completely to RHEL 6.4.

Thankfully I found a few simple commands that helped me hack together this Frankenstein.

#yum –security check-update

The command above will list any and all security updates that are availbile, then you can run the command below to install them

#yum update –security

Another cool command is shown below.

#yum list-security

This command gives you the CLA code for each fix which you can then use to obtain more information on the fix

#yum info-security CLA-2012:1353




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