RHEL6 – More Vsftp Configuration Items

1216139760278927551lemmling_Cartoon_cow.svg.medSo almost a year ago, I put up a post on how to configure an Anonymous FTP Server using vsftp on RHEL6. You can read that post here. Anyway, that post is pretty much just a quick and dirty step-by-step of how to get vsftp up and running on RHEL6. Well today's post is a follow-up to that original post, however now we are going a bit deeper into the vsftpd.conf and some of the additional settings that are worth noting. Without further ado lets get down to business.

  • Anonymous_enable — When enabled, anonymous users are allowed to log in. The usernames anonymous and ftp are accepted.
  • Download_enable — When enabled, file downloads are permitted. The default value is YES.
  • Write_enable=When set to yes, ftp writes are allowed. When disabled no one can write to ftp at all.
  • Anon_upload_enable=When enabled, file uploads are enabled, but only if write_enable is set to yes as well.
  • Local_enable — When enabled, local users are allowed to log into the system. The default value is yes. Change to no to disable vsftp logins for your local users. Useful when running an anonymous ftp server.
  • Userlist_file — Specifies the file referenced by vsftpd when the userlist_enable directive is enabled. The default value is /etc/vsftpd.user_list and is created during installation.
  • /etc/vsftpd.ftpusers – Local users listed in this file are allowed access to when referenced by the directive userlist_file.
  • /etc/vsftpd.user_list – Local users in this file are denied access to ftp
  • Chroot_list_enable — When enabled, the local users listed in the file specified in the chroot_list_file directive are placed in a chroot jail upon log in.
  • Chroot_list_file — Specifies the file containing a list of local users referenced when the chroot_list_enable directive is set to YES. The default value is /etc/vsftpd.chroot_list.
  • Chroot_local_user — When enabled, local users are change-rooted to their home directories after logging in. The default value is NO.
  • Tcp_wrappers=when set to Yes, it enabled tcpwrapper support





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