RHEL6 -Samba Home Directory Configuration

FPN-fireOk, this is the last in my series of articles on samba. I have written two previously that are much more in depth, however this one is going to be a simple step by step on the process of how to configure Samba to share home directories.

Now I am going to assume that you have already installed and started samba. If you have not then you need to go here.

First we are going to add a samba only user named "sambaonly"

# useradd -s /bin/nologin sambaonly

Now lets create a samba password for the user we just created above

# smbpasswd -a sambaonly

Now turn on the "samba_enable_home_dirs" so that you can share home directories.

# setsebool -P samba_enable_home_dirs on

Now test that you can access the home directory for "sambaonly"

# smbclient  //localhost/sambaonly -U sambaonly
Enter sambaonly's password:
Domain=[WORKGROUP1] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 3.5.11-79.fc14]
smb: \>

As you can see from the output above, we were able to access and browse the home directory for sambaonly.

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