Cisco UCS Firmware Best Practices Document


Not sure that I have ever run into a product with as many separate support documents as Cisco UCS – here is another that appears to be useful (the jury is still out on this one). Anyway the link is below

The link below will take you to the Firmware update and install guides — note that Cisco has not upgraded the documentation to reflect an upgrade from an older 2.0 firmware to a newer 2.0 firmware.


One thought on “Cisco UCS Firmware Best Practices Document

  1. You can statically configure the KVM address by logging into CLI:
    scope chassis 1
    scope server 1
    scope cimc
    scope ext-management-ip
    set addr
    set subnet
    set default-gw
    or via the GUI:
    Equipment –>Chassis 1 –> Server 1 –> Inventory –> CIMC –> Modify Static Management IP

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