RHEL6 – How To Configure an NFS Server

Waffle1 Do you know whats almost as delicious as a tasty waffle with pure AAA Vermont maple syrup smothered all over it. Neither do I.

However I did run across a very well written blog post on how to configure an NFS server on RHEL6.

Wierd, is it a NFS server or an NFS server, the latter sounds and looks better but i dont think its correct.

Anyway link below:


2 thoughts on “RHEL6 – How To Configure an NFS Server

  1. The latter /is/ correct because the article ‘a’ or ‘an’ is NOT decided by the letter but by the pronunciation.
    If the *sound* is like that of a vowel, then the article should be ‘an’.
    NFS sounds like “en-efs-ess” so ‘an NFS server’

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