MegaRaid Cards Via CLI Part II

MegamanMMPU MegaRAID® is LSI's line of SATA/SAS Storage Controller. MegaCLI64 is LSI's command line raid controller management software for these controllers.

You can get a bit more info on it if you check out my original Megraid blog post here.

Anyway here are some basic commands. Some of these are mentioned in my original post.

The command below gives you detailed configuration and settings info on your controller.

./MegaCli64 -AdpAllInfo -aALL

Use the command below to show all Logical Drives.

./MegaCli64 -LDInfo -LALL -aALL

Use the command below to list all Physical Drives.

./MegaCli64 -PDlist -aALL

Use the command below to display detailed adapter and device info.

./MegaCli64 -AdpAlILog -aALL

Use the command below to offline a drive.

./MegaCli64 -PDOffline -PhysDrv [E:S] -aN

Mark a drive as missing.

./MegaCli64 -PdMarkMissing -physdrv 8:1 -a0

Prepare a drive for removal.

./MegaCli64 -PdPrpRmv -physdrv 8:1 -a0

Replace a missing drive.

./MegaCli64 -PdReplaceMissing -physdrv 8:1 -array0


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