VCP Practice Test Questions Part 1

Vcp-logo I figured that after a good solid two plus years of administering as well as designing, configuring and deploying Vmware ESX that i should get of my rear and finally work on getting my VCP.  A good number for Vmware positions require it nowadays as its a pretty valuable certification, one of the few left other than Cisco.

Anyway, I have been taking a few practice tests and will be posting the questions that I either got wrong, or are pretty sure that I will not get correct if ever asked again.


Q: To disable a service on a Host's Firewall, what command is used?

A: esxcfg-firewall -d

Q: Which ports does VMware Update Manager use?

A: 8084, 9084, 9087

Q: What command is used to list the current firewall rules on a Host?

A: esxcfg-firewall -q

Q: Strongest block ciphers available to ESX4?

A: 256 bit AES

Q: The /boot partition requires how much free space?

A: 1.25GB

Q: What command is used to close a port in the firewall of an ESX host?

A: esxcfg-firewall -c

Q: vCenter 4 Server minimum requirements are?


Q: What is the maximum amount of characters that a vCenter server name should not exceed?

A: 16

Q: What is the default security setting for ESX4?

A: Medium with some outbound ports closed

Q:The minimum amount of disk space required for vCenter Server?

A: 2GB

Q: The minimum recommended space for swap?


Q: What is the recommended size for the /home partition?

A: 512MB

Q: The maximum amount of RAM that a vSphere Guest can have is?

A: 255GB

Q: Distributed Power Management (DPM) requires which technology to be available on the NIC?

A: WOL (Wake on LAN)

Q: What is the maximum HBA's Supported on VMware vSphere 4 Host?

A: 8

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