RHCE Test Prep Oddities – Part 1

Redhat I am pretty excited to say that I will be taking the RHCE in a month or so as part of a week long bootcamp.

Now I use RHEL every day and have done so for several years and I have certain processes for doing things, and commands that I use all the time. Below is a list of information/commands that I just never used or are not familar with that I have run across in my search for test prep information.

  • touch /etc/forcefsck, forces a filesystem check at next reboot.
  • chattr – change file attributes, like chattr +i write protects a file
  • ntsysv -gui utility for managing startup services]
  • grub-install /dev/sda – reinstalls grub, do a –recheck first however
  • mdamd – use to manage software raid
  • /proc/mdstat – shows status of md devices
  • labelfs – used to label filesystems
  • system-config-network – gui for changing network configs
  • system-config-printer – gui for setting up printers
  • at, atq, atrm – schedule a one time job, view & remove jobs
  • yum groupinstall "x window system" - installs x
  • switchdesk gnome – sets gnome as default x window manager
  • squid -z – creates the disk space needed for squid proxy
  • sestatus -v – shows selinux status
  • system-config-selinux – gui for config of selinux

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