Configure ALOM on the v210 from the OS

I was recently tasked to re-ip a v210 that was using a terminal server for console connectivity.I was actually pleased to find out the the V210 has an SC.

The scadm command is located here : /usr/platform/SUNW,Sun-Fire-V240/sbin

This should not be a surprise for those who have used the command before. You can use the command to show the config for the SC.

bash-2.03# ./scadm shownetwork
IP Address:
Gateway address:
Ethernet address: 00:03:ba:41:51:00

Use the "scadm set" command to setup the ALOM, using the format below.

#scadm set if_network true
#scadm set netsc_tpelinktest true
#scadm set netsc_dhcp false
#scadm set netsc_ipaddr x.x.x.x
#scadm set netsc_ipnetmask x.x.x.x
#scadm set netsc_ipgateway x.x.x.x

Note that you must reset the SC for the new settings to take affect.

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