How to Change Root’s Ilom Password

ILOM is the system Service Processor Sun includes with Sun x64 systems.ILOM, can also be accessed via an integrated HTTPS server, meaning that a user friendly graphical user interface is available. Currently the server models below use ILOM.
Sun Fire[TM]  X4100

Sun Fire[TM]  X4200

Sun Fire[TM]  X4500

Sun Fire[TM]  X4600

Sun Fire[TM]  X4100 M2

Sun Fire[TM]  X4200 M2

Sun Fire[TM]  X4600 M2

Sun Blade[TM] 6000

Sun Blade[TM] 8000

Sun Netra[TM] X4200 M2

Sun SPARC[TM] Enterprise T5120

Sun SPARC[TM] Enterprise T5220

The default root password for the ILOM is changeme. This is a Sun default and you should make sure that you modify this when you are setting up your new server.

Below I have outlined the procedure that you need to follow

  1. Connect and Login to your Serial Management port.
  2. cd /SP/users
  3. type “set /SP/users/root password”, and voila

Changing password for user /SP/users/root…
Enter new password: ********
Enter new password again: ********
New password was successfully set for user /SP/users/root

5 thoughts on “How to Change Root’s Ilom Password

  1. I didn’t find this answer in Sun’s official documentation for this server.
    But Google found it on your site!

  2. How can one see ILOM password for the server ? Is it stored in some file ?
    I need to check ILOM passwords for more than 300 servers, so you can understand the need.

  3. How to get to the ILOM or ALOM from command prompt. My server is a SunFire X4200. What is the key combination to enter ILOM/ALOM from the console root login prompt? I am unable to do so by using #.

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