Veritas Volume Manager Upgrade Solaris 8

I’ve been told by some that this process is overkill, and have been told by others that this process is the cleanest way to go. Please procede at your own risk.

QuickNotes: vxlicrep -e will allow you view your veritas license along with lot of additional information.

Backup any file systems that are part of rootdg

This particular system is running Veritas 3.5 which requires a rootdg. This system has 3 file systems that are part of this dg. They are seen below. Comment any rootdg entries out of the /etc/vfstab.

1048576 35232 950055 4% <mountpoint>

1048576 467462 544827 47% <mountpoint>

1048576 55289 932147 6% <mountpoint>

These systems are located on this disk slice.

unassigned wm 5566 – 14086 41.35GB (8521/0/0)

First step is to back these 3 file systems up locally whereever there is room or over NFS mount.

Export & Unmount

Unmount any veritas filesystems and export and disk groups.

Break Mirrors

At this point I need to break the submirrors off that are on the second system disk. In this case c1t1d0.

Use the format below

metadetach mirror submirror

for example:

metattach d1 d21

Keep Veritas from Starting up on Reboot.

Touch /etc/vx/reconfig.d/state.d/install-db to prevent Veritas from starting up with the box.

Reboot in Single User mode, Verify that you are booting of off the primary disk. Init 0, boot -s

Remove the current Veritas packages in the order listed below. (You may encounter addition packages not listed here. If this occurs add these packages to the removal order after VRTSvcsvr and before VRTSvxfs)

    1. VRTSvmdoc
    2. VRTSfsdoc
    3. VRTSvmman
    4. VRTSvrdoc
    5. VRTSvrw
    6. VRTSweb
    7. VRTSobgui
    8. VRTSvmpro
    9. VRTSfspro
    10. VRTSob
    11. VRTSspc
    12. VRTSvcsvr
    13. VRTSordoc (Should
      be Database Edition Only)
    14. VRTSorgui (Should
      be Database Edition Only)
    15. VRTSdbed (Should
      be Database Edition Only)
    16. VRTSvxmsa
    17. VRTSvxfs
    18. VRTSvxvm
    19. VRTSvxlic

Install San Foundation kit

(Sol8), make sure that you reconfigure reboot in single user mode

Step 8: devfsadm -Cv, change to runlevel 2 before next step.

Step 9: Install new veritas and patch with maint pack 2, then reboot again.

Step 10: Upgrade disk groups and file systems.

Upgrading Disk Groups:

To determine what DG version you are running, you can use the following command

vxdg -q list <my-dg> | grep version.

Import your disk groups, and run the following command on each DG, the -T is optional.

vxdg [ -T version ] upgrade diskgroup.

Upgrading File Systems:

To determine what FS version you are running, you can use the command below.

fstyp -v /dev/vx/dsk/dev/device

Mount your filesystems and then run the following command

 vxupgrade -n 6 /mountpoint

Use the format command to create new slices (on disk0) for the 3 file systems listed in step one. Basically split the 41.35gb contained in Slice 7 across Slice 5-7.

5 unassigned wm 0
0 (0/0/0) 0

6 unassigned wm 0
0 (0/0/0) 0

7 unassigned wm 5566 – 14086
41.35GB (8521/0/0) 86709696

Mount the new slices and copy data from the original mount points to the new mounts.

Load the partition table from disk one onto disk two.

Reattach Mirrors.

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