Alom, Ilom, & Elom Part I

Introduction:If you are anything like me, and you have not been a knee deep in Sun hardware for the last 10 years of your life, then you probably get pretty confused between the differences between using Sun’s Alom, Ilom, or Elom. It seems every time I start to get familiar with how to manage one type of server, Sun comes up with something new. After a while, which command you should use where becomes an exercise in trial and Error. Hell, if that command does not work here, then try something else. Anyway, here are some notes that I put together to try to keep things straight.

What’s What?


ILOM is the system Service Processor Sun includes with Sun x64 systems.ILOM, can also be accessed via an integrated HTTPS
server, meaning that a user friendly graphical user interface is


This management system is comprised of a system on a chip that includes the following:

  • Service processor (SP)
    -This is the hardware that consists of a dedicated processor that
    communicates through the system serial port. The SP can also
    communicate through an Ethernet port that is shared with the OS
  • Embedded server management software – This is embedded software running on the SP.
  • Command line
    interface (CLI) – The command-line interface is a dedicated software
    application that enables you to operate the SP and associated software
    using keyboard commands. You can use the command-line interface to send
    commands to the SP. You can connect a terminal or emulator directly to
    the system serial port or connect over the Ethernet using a Secure
    Shell (SSH).

  • Web-based interface
    – The web-based interface provides a powerful, yet easy-to-use web
    browser interface that allows you to log in to the SP, and perform
    system management, monitoring, and certain IPMI tasks.
  • Remote Console/Javatrademark Client
    – The Java Client supports the remote console functionality, which
    allows you to access your server’s graphical display remotely across
    the network, as if you were physically located there. It redirects the
    keyboard, mouse, and video screen, and can redirect input and output
    from the local machine’s CD and diskette drives. It can also redirect
    ISO images of the media for these devices; that is, it can create
    virtual devices based on media images.


The ALOM System Controller and ALOM firmware combine the features of RSC and LOM, as well as adding several new features. ALOM can only be run via telnet (insecure), SSH (secure), or a serial
cable, and is therefore limited to the command line interface.

Whats Where?


Sun Netra[TM] X1
Sun Netra[TM] T1400/1405
Sun Netra[TM] T1 AC200
Sun Netra[TM] T1 DC200
Sun Fire[TM]  V100
Sun Fire[TM]  V120
Sun Fire[TM]  E2900
Sun Netra[TM] 20
Sun Fire[TM]  V1280


Sun Fire[TM]  V125
Sun Fire[TM]  V210
Sun Fire[TM]  V215
Sun Fire[TM]  V240
Sun Fire[TM]  V245
Sun Fire[TM]  V250
Sun Fire[TM]  V440
Sun Fire[TM]  V445


Sun Fire[TM]  T1000
Sun Fire[TM]  T2000
Sun SPARC[TM] Enterprise T1000
Sun SPARC[TM] Enterprise T2000
Sun Netra[TM] T2000


Sun Fire[TM]  X4100
Sun Fire[TM]  X4200
Sun Fire[TM]  X4500
Sun Fire[TM]  X4600
Sun Fire[TM]  X4100 M2
Sun Fire[TM]  X4200 M2
Sun Fire[TM]  X4600 M2
Sun Blade[TM] 6000
Sun Blade[TM] 8000
Sun Netra[TM] X4200 M2
Sun SPARC[TM] Enterprise T5120
Sun SPARC[TM] Enterprise T5220


Sun Fire[TM]  X2100 M2
Sun Fire[TM]  X2200 M2


Sun Fire[TM]  V890
Sun Fire[TM]  V490
Sun Fire[TM]  V880
Sun Fire[TM]  V480
Sun Fire[TM]  280R
Sun Enterprise[TM]  250


Sun Fire[TM]  V20z
Sun Fire[TM]  V40z

Coming Soon Part II

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