Veritas Cheat Sheet

Here is a handy list of commands that I put together from various sources.

Helpful Commands:

vxdisksetup: used to setup a disk for use with Veritas Volume Manager
vxdg: usage examples:

  • vxdg list — shows all veritas diskgroups
  • vxdg deport <disk_group> — deport a diskgroups
  • vxdg import <disk_group> — import a diskgroups

vxdiskadm: Menu driven command

usage example:

  • vxvol -g <disk_group> startall

vxdisk list: displays disk listing
vxprint -ht: displays volume manager object listing
vxdg -g <diskgroup> free: displays free space in the specified diskgroup
vxtask list: list all volume manager tasks currently running on the system
vxdiskadd <diskname>: add a disk to Volume Manager (devicename = cXtXdX)
vxedit set spare=on <diskname>: designate a disk as a hot-relocation spare
vxedit set spare=off <diskname>: remove a disk as a hot-relocation spare
vxedit rename <old_name> <new_name>: rename a disk
vxdisk offline <disk_name>: take a disk offline (first remove the disk from its disk group) (devicename=cXtXdXs2)
vxdg -g <diskgroup> rmdisk <disk_name>: remove a disk from a disk group
vxdisk rm <disk_name>: remove a disk from veritas control
vxvol -d <diskgroup> startall: start all volumes in a diskgroup

Resizing a volume:

# vxassist -g <diskgroup> growto <volumename> <length>
# vxassist -g <diskgroup> growby <volumename> <length>
# vxassist -g <diskgroup> shrinkto <volumename> <length>
# vxassist -g <diskgroup> shrinkby <volumename> <length>

Veritas Clean-Up Procedure:

  • rm /etc/vx/
  • rm /etc/vx/
  • rm /dev/vx/dmp/*
  • rm /dev/vx/rdmp/*
  • Then reboot

How To Add New Disks to a System

1.Once you have your disks and disk names, you need to
run the following command on you host, which will make Veritas aware of
any new disks that the OS has access to.

vxdctl enable

2.Running the command vxdisk list will list all the disks that your
system has access to. The disk name may or may not be similar to the
name that on your storage array. Use the following command to
cross reference the vertias name to the os name.

vxdisk -e list

3.At this point you can log into the Veritas GUI, and initialize your disk. Then you can add to your existing diskgroup or create a new one


Start Veritas Volume Manager (VVM) in GUI base

  1. cd /opt/VRTSob/bin/vea

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