Modifying the Bootlist

Below are instructions on how to modify and confirm your bootlist, which is the list of devices that your AIX system is going to try to boot from. Below is a list of quick and easy commands.

  • To specify the logical volume hd5 on disk hdisk0 for normal boot, typle
    • bootlist -m normal hdisk0 blv=hd5
  • To view the boot list that you set in the example above
    • bootlist -m normal -o      #where normal sepcifies normal boot

  • To specify booting in normal mode from the only boot logical volume on hdisk0, or the boot record hd5 on hdisk1, do the following
    • bootlist -m normal hdisk0 hdisk1 blv=mb_hd5
  • If you are dealing with a new disk you are going to need to initialize the boot block as well.
    • In this example you can see that the boot block on hdisk0 has not been initialized.
      • hdisk1 blv=hd5


      • # bosboot -ad /dev/hdisk0 #use the bosboot command to initialize it.
      • Now all is well
        • # bootlist -m normal -o

          hdisk1 blv=hd5

          hdisk0 blv=hd5



Below are some quick and dirty commands that maybe usefull.

bootlist -m (normal or service) -o –
displays bootlist
bootlist -m (normal or service) (list of devices) – change bootlist
bootinfo -b –
Identifies the bootable disk
bootinfo -t   –
Specifies type of boot
bosboot -a -d (/dev/pv) – Creates a complete
boot image on a physical volume.
mkboot -c -d (/dev/pv)       Zero’s out
the boot records on the physical volume.
savebase -d (/dev/pv)        Saves
customised ODM info onto the boot device.

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